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General aims

Our lab aims to understand how human inflammasomes and proteases they activate (caspases) are regulated and how they signal to generate inflammation during infections and inflammatory diseases. 

We generate fundamental knowledge and collaborate to translate our discoveries for patient's benefit. 

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Studying the assembly of the Non-canonical inflammasome

The non-canonical inflammasome is critical for immune responses to gram-negative bacteria. It has a role in numerous diseases, including sepsis.  However, we have a poor understanding of how this protein complex detect infection. 

Aim: To get a biochemical understanding of how the non-canonical inflammasome is assembled.

Funders: BBSRC/ White Rose DTP 


Identifying novel functions for human inflammasome

Known inflammasome's functions are currently limited to their ability to cleave pro-inflammatory cytokines and induce inflammatory cell death (pyroptosis). This project aims to identify novel functions for human inflammasome and their roles in infections and  inflammatory diseases.

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Understanding the activation mechanisms of caspases

Aim: To understand how inflammatory caspases are activated

Funders: Academy of Medical Sciences/ Wellcome Trust

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Understanding inflammasome in human cells

Inflammasomes are extensively characterised in macrophages but poorly in other cells.  This project aims to better understand inflammasome in less-characterised immune cells and develop tools to study them. 

Funders: Royal Society

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Understanding the interplay between pathogens and inflammasomes

Identifying mechanisms enabling pathogen to evade immune responses.

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